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Polystone’s exclusive Poly-fil® tire fill is manufactured by Polycoat Products USA. Polycoat has been supplying high-quality tire fill to the aftermarket for more than 30 years. Tires filled with Poly-fil® products will not have any flats, blowouts, or run under-inflated (thus increasing tire life). Poly-fil® is made for all varieties of pneumatic tire construction for OTR applications and can operate successfully at speeds up to 55 MPH (35 MPH for LP). Poly-fil® in your tires prevents costly downtime and provides uninterrupted service which will greatly enhance cost-effectiveness.

  • Poly-fil® LP – Shore A 10 Durameter Hardness Tire Fill
  • Poly-fil® 22 – Shore A 22 Durameter Hardness Tire Fill
  • Poly-fil® 30 – Shore A 30 Durameter Hardness Tire Fill
  • Poly-fil® 52 – Shore A 52 Durameter Hardness Tire Fill