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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Polystone is a Flatproofing Solutions Integrator that offers a one-stop shop for your Flatproofing needs.

  • Experienced Executive Team with a combined 36 years in the Industry.
  • Exclusive Polyurethane Tire Fill Manufactured by Polycoat Products USA.
  • Best in Class Poly-fil® Equipment Manufactured Exclusively for Polystone Customers.

Polystone’s exclusive Poly-fil® tire fill is manufactured by Polycoat Products USA. Polycoat has been supplying high-quality tire fill to the aftermarket for more than 30 years. Tires filled with Poly-fil® products will not have any flats, blowouts, or run under-inflated (thus increasing tire life). Poly-fil® is made for all varieties of pneumatic tire construction for OTR applications and can operate successfully at speeds up to 55 MPH (35 MPH for LP). Poly-fil® in your tires prevents costly downtime and provides uninterrupted service which will greatly enhance cost-effectiveness.

  • Poly-fil® LP – Shore A 10 Durameter Hardness Tire Fill
  • Poly-fil® 22 – Shore A 22 Durameter Hardness Tire Fill
  • Poly-fil® 30 – Shore A 30 Durameter Hardness Tire Fill
  • Poly-fil® 52 – Shore A 52 Durameter Hardness Tire Fill
Poly-fil® Equipment

Polystone offers a complete line of Exclusive Tire Fill Equipment:

  • Low-cost Pneumatic Tire Fill Pumps for pumping Virgin Poly-fil®
  • Full-featured electric pumps available in either 60 LB/Minute or 100 LB/Minute outputs for pumping Virgin Poly-fil®
  • HULK Granulated Tire Fill Pumping System for pumping Virgin Poly-fil® blended with up to 40% rubber crumb
  • HULK II Granulated Tire Fill Pumping System for pumping Virgin Poly-fil® blended with up to 65% used tire fill regrind
  • BEAST Tire Fill Grinder and Bulk Bagging System for efficient production, storage, transportation, and loading of your own tire fill regrind to the HULK II Granulated Tire Fill Pumping System
  • Upon written approval Polystone's Proprietary Tire Fill Pumps, Machines and Grinders are available for purchase or lease by our dealers directly from our manufacturers

Contacts Polystone, LLC

Polystone, LLC

12600 Deerfield Parkway Suite 100
Alpharetta GA 30004
PH: (678) 566-3619

Joseph P Danules, President

Mobile: (404) 386-2164
Email: joedanules@polystonellc.com

John A Danules, COO

Mobile: (586) 764-1716
Email: johndanules@polystonellc.com

Jennifer Williamson, Office Manager

Mobile: (706) 307-1809
Email: jwilliamson@polystonellc.com